• The Preacher

    "My approach to preaching is conversational. I like to take a non-traditional approach that is thought provoking, engaging and innovative."

    -Philip Butler

    I've served as the Young Adult Minister for Central UMC in Atlanta, GA where I helped to revive their now self sustaining young adult ministry. I have over 10 years of preaching experience and am comfortable in a multitude of settings I love to discuss the the connection of science to theology, the power of the Christian body, love, compassion and justice.

  • The Neuroscientist

    Projects and Interests: My work looks at the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality in an effort to understand how we as humans can continue to perpetually live in and through our spiritual connection to the divine.

    Emotional Transportation

    In this study we measure how emotionally engaged people become when exposed to stories via audio and visual mediums and compare emotional engagement with reported degrees of attention.

    Habit Formation Spiritual Experience

    In this study we seek to measure the neurophysiological effects of habitually prayer or meditation on people's ability to experience and connect with God.

    Wearable Technology & Spirituality

    Neurophysiological measures are helping us to learn how we might quantify the spiritual experience. In this study we seek to learn how to practically use these new insights fit for wearable technologies, allowing people to measure and intentionally monitor their personal spiritual connection. 

    Spirituality and Human Potentiation

    Spirituality has been demonstrated to allow people to regulate pain response and it used in athletes to augment focus and athletic performance. In this study we attempt to view spirituality in terms of the lived experience, AKA embodiment and how spiritual embodiment impacts personal affect and subsequent self-reported confidence and demonstrated personal ability via EMG and ECG.

  • Morehouse College

    BA Religion

    Candler School of Theology


    Concentrations: Christian Ethics and Church History.

    With emphasis on Kant, Just War Theory and Incarceration.

    Claremont School of Theology


    PhD - Department of Practical Theology (currently ABD)

    Concentration: The intersection of neuroscience and spirituality

    Work: My work focuses on the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality. My research draws from wisdom of the neurophysiological components of the spiritual experience to construct practical ways for individuals to embody their spirituality outside the religious space for a perpetual spiritual state. 

  • The Mystic

    There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself.

    -Howard Thurman 

  • The Wanna be Cool Guy

    I believe media is a powerful tool that can change the way people view themselves, raise questions and empower. This is my attempt at doing what I think is cool.

    I believe media is a powerful tool that can change the way people view themselves, raise questions and empower. This is my attempt at doing what I think is cool.

     Theodicy Ep2 A brief look at church history through sketch comedy. Intro :11, Gospel Writers :46 - A look at the voice behind the writers of the synoptic gospels. Mark is the oldest synoptic and written in a low level or slang style writing. Luke was a historian suing Mark and other sources to write his gospel, and Matthew was written using Mark and some of the same sources as Luke and is written for a more affluent audience. Adventures of Martin Luther 1:56 - A short look into Martin Luther's life, providing some interesting facts some may not know about his life. Breaking News 2:47 - A short response to Fox News' claim of Jesus' whiteness.

  • My Projects


    A seminar that looks at the connection between human physiology and emotion for the purposes of nurturing a greater understanding for the need for self compassion. Self compassion is presented as the key for ultimately showing true compassion to others in the world.

    Church History Sketch Comedy

    An attempt to engage the hard questions of faith, doubt, and church history. The goal is to look at tough questions often overlooked or not discussed by the church that people are raising and need to be addressed.

    Hi-Tech Monk Blog

    A space for some of my writings (peer-reviewed and otherwise), sermons, musings, spiritual practices and thoughts about life, the world, politics or whatever comes up.

    Apps - Wearables

    With continued innovation and progression of technology we are constantly finding ways to quantify our spiritual experience. These apps are geared to help people track, connect and remain spiritually in tune on a regular basis.

  • Connect With Me

    want to connect or propose a collaborative project? do you want to book me for Biochemistry, emotion and compassion seminar? Reach out to me, I'd love to hear from you!